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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Mohr is in-network with a limited number of insurance products.  Please refer to the Rates and Insurance page for more information.

How about couples counseling? Can I use insurance for that?

Sometimes.  In order to use insurance to pay for couples counseling, one of the members of the couple must be the "identified client" who has a mental health diagnosis that is being  treated through couples counseling.  Most often, this is not the case.  Typical couples counseling is aimed at improving the experience that both partners have in the relationship, but neither one is the focus of the treatment .  When you talk with Dr. Mohr about working with her for couples counseling, she will discuss with you whether it would be appropriate to use health insurance or not.

What is an "out of network benefit" and how would I use that?

Some health insurance plans will pay some of the cost if you choose to work with healthcare providers who are not in that plan's list of approved providers.  This is called having an "out of network" or OON benefit.  Not all health insurance plans will pay for out of network services.  To find out if your plan has an OON benefit, you can call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.  Dr. Mohr may also be able to help you identify if you have this kind of benefit.

I've never been in counseling before.  What should I expect?

First of all, you should expect to feel heard and respected at all times.  You may feel challenged, and sometimes you and your therapist may disagree, but it should always feel respectful and safe. Therapy/counseling is not always easy - in fact if it is good quality, you should expect to feel pretty uncomfortable when real changes are being made (No one changes when they are comfortable.  If you're comfortable, why change??). But even when it feels hard to talk, it should feel meaningful and like you are discussing things that are important to you.  You should also expect that you'll be asked to do things outside of your sessions.  It is hard to make lasting change when you only work on it for an hour per week (or less).  Finally, you should expect that what you are doing will make sense to you.  If you ever feel confused about why you are doing what you are doing in therapy, please feel free to ask!  Your therapist should be happy to explain it to you.

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